4 places should not be missed at Da Lat City

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By the time of the flower season, choose for yourself some places with a panoramic view of the Da Lat City to see the hundred flowers blooming.Let’s save 8 locations should not be ignored when you want to observe the fog city from above!

1. Thiên Phúc Đức Hill

Instruction: From Da Lat, you just go to the north, go up near Lang Biang Hill, then ask local people for directions to Thánh Mẫu Church, Ward 7. And above is Thiên Phúc Đức Hill.

Because of facing LangBiang, from Thien Phuc Duc hill, visitors can admire the majestic picture of the most famous landmark when traveling to Dalat. From the twinkling night starlight to the bright space of thousands of green pine in the middle of the day, and dreamy in red and purple when the sun sets down, all make the heart beat rhythm.

2. Top of the Pinhatt

Instructions: To get to the top of Pinhatt, follow the Prenn Pass, then at the junction of the Buddha Statue, go straight up the slope and turn left to go to Samcom, Teracotta, Eden … Resort. At the end of the road to the Gate of Đa Tiến, you will reach top of Pinhatt.

The view from the top of Pinhatt offers a different setting from other high places in the city. Pinhatt is the highest peak in the south of Dalat city. From here, you can observe the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake, Lang Biang Mountain and Truc Lam Monastery.

3. Robin Hill

Robin Hill, also known as Dalat Cable Car Hill, is the place begining the 2,267m long cable car from Đức Trọng to Trúc Lâm Monastery. In addition to the function of a cable car station, this place is also a place for sightseeing, tourism and panoramic view of Dalat city from above.

From here you can see the panoramic view from above with extremely convenient cable car. If you are not a good climber, this is the best place for you when you want to climb up and still not spend much effort. Take a cable car to see the vast pine forest below, watching a beautiful corner of Dalat and Tuyen Lam lake.

4. Langbiang Hill

Lang Biang is located in Lạc Duong district, 12km north of Dalat city center. To get to the top, you have to rent a jeep at the entrance by buying a 400K ticket / car or 60K / person.

Langbiang area is inhabited by many ethnic minorities, so you should come here to enjoy as a extensive view of pine forest. Besides, you can observe the life and culture of the tribe here. through their outdoor activities at tourist sites such as horse riding, gongs, fire dancing, singing, wine need.

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